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The search for non-existent "win-win strategies" for gambling - a favorite occupation of a large number of mathematicians, statisticians and just fans of gambling. Winning, of course, everyone wants, but the reality is that any casino before the player always has the advantage, through which generates revenue, and hence there. If someone suddenly invented algorithm by which we can always win, the rules of casino slot machines immediately subjected to revision.

Nevertheless, using logic, common sense and some simple calculations, we can not only reduce losses to a minimum, but also increase their own capital. The first thing to remember is that you can beat the casino only in the "short term." At long series of games (for baccarat is about 60-80 hands - hour of play in the network) the institution is likely to return their money, if not score on you. If you were able to quickly hit the jackpot, it is better not to tempt fate and continue to return to the game later.

I should say that for baccarat almost no mathematical calculations and models do not work. This is due primarily to its simplicity and with a complete lack of influence on the player of the game. Following a clear set of rules, the dealer independently carries out game, the outcome of which depends on the size of the player's bet and selected their hands. Therefore, the first important strategy for baccarat calculations based on the probabilities of each of the three fields.

Fortunately, smart people everything they need already been calculated, we also can only take into account these figures and think about their application. All the rest - only your discretion. Do not give in to passion, distribute evenly over the money bet on each round, set aside some time Learn to win and finish the game. Then success is not long to wait. Here you can also play casino games slot machines.

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