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In order to play a card game Boozer need a deck of 32 cards , if you play with friends and a deck of 52 cards, if you play four. All players collect all the cards and not paying attention to color, start the game in the drunkard. All deck, 32 or 52 cards distributed so that all players in the drunks got an equal amount of cards on hand. The dealer in a card game Boozer has the right to make the first move first. He takes the top card from the pile and puts it on the table. Others do likewise. Whose card would be over, he picks up all the cards. Take the card puts them down heap.

Thus, the winner of the game Boozer is the one who is the fastest of all the remaining time to get rid of all your cards. During contentious moments when players dropped equal highest card they put another one if dropped again the same, such dispute in the game Boozer continues until it becomes clear who the highest card. That player will take away all the pile immediately. If there is a situation where players were drunkard, for example, four, and fell identical cards only two, it is precisely these two continue to dispute.

However, at the end of the dispute may be that the last card would be the same with that player, who in the first debate was not involved. In this case, the dispute continues between the two players in the drunkard. Often when playing a drunkard between players agree that the second debate ignored, because it often happens that the whole game in one drunkard translates into a big argument. This is especially true in cases where the game is played by four players.

When a player in the drunks put all their cards, which were in his hands, he continues to play in the drunkard with those cards that are on the heap. When the total pile ends, the player is considered the first winner. At the end of the game in the drunkard is only one loser, who will be on hand to attend the entire deck. Cards in the game Boozer have a weight on the initial seniority. That is just over an ace, just under six, but she has an ace, then there is just over an ace. So when you need a deck of 36 cards in four extra throw, then throw sevens.

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