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How to Play the slot machines on the web. Rules, Classification, Tips. Today you can find hundreds of online slot machines on the network, each with its own rules and features. We present you an overview of the terminology and rules of slot machines. This will be enough for you to understand how to play most online games, but do not forget to view the specific rules of the game, the payout table and information about the bonus games for the machine on which you intend to play.

Progressive slots, like all online slot machines, offer a variety of winning combinations that pay different size jackpots. What makes them special is the fact that they also have one (or more) progressive, ie growing, the jackpot for a specific winning combination. It is on the progressive slot machines you can win a lot of money, especially when the jackpot grows to gigantic proportions.

Where Higher Payout ratio? Today players can play on hundreds of slot machines in the network, which may differ not only theme, size or special jackpots bonus games, but the payout percentage, ie averaged value as a percentage, which machine pays back to the player. Where to find slot machines with the highest payouts?

Most online casinos use software just 7-9 third party developers, with most of the casino site software uses only two firms - Microgaming (Microgaming) and Playtech (Playtech). We also consider the online casino software from RTG, Vegas Technology and PatiGeyming. Each casino offers games developed by some one and having common features. Top 10 Slots online casino. Dozens Online casinos offer hundreds of games with its own characteristics. Which slot machines are popular today? List of machines that have paid the most money to the winners of last year.

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