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Game with the dealer directly is no longer unusual. It has become a habit in many places. Any major casino has several "live" gaming tables. The game is played on the screen, but there is a small caveat - via webcam broadcast room with game table and the dealer. Usually these are young men in white shirts and black dresses (if the dealer woman). Every 20-30 minutes croupiers are interchanged. The so-called casino video is optional online gaming establishments. If you do not fully trust the online casino and used to see what is happening with your own eyes, then you should choose LIVE-game. You will be safer and more comfortable to understand that everything on the screen is actually going on.

However, it does not matter, you're playing with a machine or a person. After all, every online casino completely exclude the possibility of fraud by employees or the institution. Is very important in the game atmosphere. During the live broadcast, you can chat with the dealer and other players (if permitted by the rules). A casino games with live dealers for this purpose also designed. The main disadvantages lie only in the technical part. So you can play a game of poker with a live dealer, you must have high-speed Internet. In this live broadcast will use a considerable traffic.

So the only way - unlimited internet, which may not allow all the players. Time is always limited to rates, as well as your opponents are waiting for their turn. If you are not used to make quick decisions in gambling, or using graphics, recording statistics, analyze all rates and so on, then you simply can not manage to make the next move. The screen will be identical to the live broadcast with the same results. Furthermore, any casino, such as Sin City casinos can communicate directly with the dealer. Thus, you can ask him to give the signal, and make sure that the game is in real time (for example, simply ask the dealer to pull the plug).

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