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Casino blackjack online simple rules for Internet Blackjack for an equally legendary as exciting card game: The sum of your card values ??should lie as closely as possible at 21. Do you have more than 21 points, you lose. Best hand is the blackjack, that is an ace plus Jack, Queen or King. The color is not important.

At the beginning of each hand, you decide how much you want to use, the possible maximum bet is determined by the table limit. Each player, the last of the dealer gets open a map, then a second also open. The second card of the dealer is dealt face down, however. Well first checked the dealer if he has a blackjack. If so, move the stakes of the players in the bank. Who shows a blackjack itself,'s bet is returned.

Even not counting the many blackjack variations that have both in the various casinos, both online and live, developed. There are also purely regional playing styles, such as Atlantic City Blackjack, which are accessible through the Internet anywhere in the world and accordingly of course for players now.

In good online casinos you find sometimes more than 40 blackjack tables and can under such traditional playing techniques as well as new developments under Select. Among the most played variants in a blackjack casino online include not only the aforementioned Atlantic City Blackjack with its low house edge:

Spanish Blackjack with a set of complex rules for the dealer Bonus Blackjack, in which there are bonuses for certain combinations of cards Double Exposure Blackjack, in which the dealer is dealt two cards open. Look around at the casinos recommended here vendors around - and try yourself, what kind Blackjack you find most interesting. All the better if you then also have the necessary bit maps luck!

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