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Roulette - the game is simple. No need to be a genius to understand its uncomplicated and simple laws. But still some tips on playing roulette advise you to consider: You know that there are several types of roulette, the most common of which - American and European. Once to increase their chances and, consequently, reduce the casino advantage - choose European roulette. Her house edge 2.7% against 5.26% in American roulette. In American roulette has the opportunity to put into 5 rooms with payment of 6:1. Tempting prospect, and many are rushing to use it.

That is, in this case, the advantage of the casino even more than average. Try to avoid such a rate, if you have already decided to play it in American roulette. Despite the fact that there is a special kind of roulette in which the principle of "prison" - French Roulette, yet there are both European and American roulette, which has the option of "prison". Recall that "prison" - this is when a player puts on an equal chance, and falls "zero", he does not lose the entire bet entirely - half of it remains in place and waiting for the outcome of the next spin.

This trick can reduce the house edge in half. If possible, choose a similar roulette. Having a strategy - this is the best strategy. Even if you are not familiar with some time-tested system of winning at roulette, just watch your bankroll. Do not make big bets, do not try to fight back, keep yourself in the hands - and all will be well! Roulette was invented for fun, not for immediate profit, although the history of gambling has heroes who managed to "clean out" the casino playing roulette.

I must say that it was not a mathematical genius, it's just a case showing that luck sometimes still turns his face to the players. Do not drive drunk roulette or upset feelings. Roulette - a game of luck, here the outcome depends on your relationship with fortune, but mindless bets made at the behest of drunk head - it's not the best idea. Play amazing roulette. We wish to become a roulette source for you unforgettable experiences and perhaps even wealth!

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