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One reason for the popularity of slots are the simple rules . Normally, the mechanical devices have three or five rolls, where a match of the symbols have to be obtained. Before starting the game the player throws money into the machine or can charge the amount to a cash card, sets the level of its use and lets push of a button or on the Internet spin the reels with one click. The payment of each winning combination is indicated on the device, it is different from symbol to symbol and between machines.

On a machine with three reels therefore have three identical symbols appear, so that the player has won. Exceptions are special symbols which, already paid if they appear only once. Since all devices are controlled by a random number generator, the player can not influence the outcome. He has as mentioned only on the bet that sometimes already starts at a penny influence.

In addition to the endless theme and symbol diversity, there are also some variations on that you should know. By putting in more coins before a game, you can multiply the potential profit. Usually the number of coins (and thus the multiplier) is limited. For this purpose, a simple example : You throw a three coins and get three matching symbols in the value of ten times the bet. As payment you will receive thirty times the insert (3 x 10).

On a normal slot machine, you will be paid if the three symbols on the middle line match. Although most are also the two lines above and below it to see, but not count them. With a multi-line game, you can enable these two lines through the use of extra money. Counting not only horizontal but also diagonal lines, inserts of nine coins or even more are possible.

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