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With the so-called one-armed bandits began in the late 19th Century all of what nowadays in many live and online casinos as slots (slot means in English coin slot) is available in different designs. The diversity of topics are no limits, and also the prize money at the progressive jackpots seem to know no limit. Slots are enjoying great popularity worldwide, whether in casinos, casinos or even on the Internet , where every day millions of rollers are rotated. And again and again are stories of people who were from one second to the other millionaires.

First forerunner of today's slots were the so-called one-armed bandits who have their name from the lever on the side with which they are operated. The first unit, which was erected in 1889 in the U.S., wore the pretty name Black Cat. With their bar-goers were able to play Five Card Draw and compete against the antediluvian machines from today's perspective. Won the player, he had to collect the amount due at the bartender, because in a payment the device was not able.

So right sat the machine Sittman and Pitt because of the complicated payment arrangements but not through, and in 1895 brought the car mechanic Charles Fey, a machine called the Liberty Bell out, in principle, there was nothing else than today's slots. On three roles he took on five symbols that needed to be combined. Due to the number of hits the gains have been identified and there were not very many ways, the machine was also able to pay out the winnings.

For a long time dominated the mechanical slot machine what is happening before 1963, the Bally's first fully automatic slot machine called Money Honey developed . It was the first time able to without a human wizard profits to pay up to 500 coins. At the present time there are slots to all imaginable topics in the form of complicated electrical equipment or computer programs on the Internet. The question of how the money won passes to player, is no longer an issue.

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