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According to historians, the baccarat would have appeared in Italy in the late fifteenth century, before export to France in the nineteenth century. First played in aristocratic circles, this card game became popular in the 60s thanks to his appearance in the film Dr. No, the first installment in the James Bond saga. If baccarat is now a world famous game, it is often reserved for the elite who likes to indulge them in the hushed atmosphere of the VIP areas of casinos land. Baccarat owes its success to the players to its virtual versions that are offered by most online casinos.Baccarat is traditionally played with 6 decks of 52 cards around a table with the player (up to 14 players in a casino) and the croupier (banker). The goal is to predict which hand (that of the banker or player) is closest score 9 points, or bet on a tie.

Natural baccarat If one of the parties gets out of hand a hand worth 8 or 9 points (a "natural") and the other party does not get better or gets a score, no extra card is distributed and the game ends. If neither party has obtained "natural" and the value of the player's hand is 5 points or less, he receives a third card. Banker rule If the banker's hand is worth 3 points or less, it draws a third card. The banker also receives a third card if his hand is worth 4 points and the player is between 2 and 7 points, if his hand is 5 points of the player and that is between 4 and 7 points, and if his hand is 6 points and the Player is 6 or 7 points.

The banker does not draw a third card if the hand is worth 7 points or more. Payment of winnings : If the player has bet on the winning hand is paid to 1 against 1 If correctly predicted a draw, he is paid 1 to 8 against. Otherwise, the bet is lost. Note that if the player and the banker getting a "natural" is the highest hand wins, except in case of a tie where the initial bet is returned to the player. Although the rules may seem quite elaborate, baccarat remains a pure game of chance . The house edge is only about 1% for being "banker" and "player", which means that your chances of winning are about one in two. By cons, it is best not to bet on a "level" because the advantage of the house is 14% for this update!

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