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Craps is a dice game that entertains many fans of casinos and online. Its origins seem to date back to medieval times, when we played with dice created with the bones of animals. The modern game comes, instead, from America, which was later aired in Europe. Moreover, Craps is a game that provides the major odds of winning in casinos and, perhaps, why it is so loved.Play Craps may appear complicated at first, but in reality it is exactly the opposite!

The goal is achieved with two six-sided dice the score that was wagered. A craps table hosts many players and has a table with all the betting options. In addition, there are four dealers: a head table that controls the flow of the game; first dealer that helps players place bets; a second dealer who pays winning bets and collect losing bets; then, finally, the stickman, so whoever runs the game, picks up the dice with the stick to give the player pitcher and announces the winning run.Before the dice are rolled, players must wager their paris. The most common bet is called `Pari Passe` and for this reason it is explained right away.

If he gets 2, 3 or 12, then said he did Craps, so it loses and in this case also, the round ends. If, on the contrary, is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, it says that the player has established a point and should continue to roll the dice until the same point comes out again. If, for example, a 4 is now out in the first round, while playing up when we get 4 new. But, if during these successive spears you get a 7 then you lose. Play Craps is very simple; However, one must have knowledge of basic rules to fully enjoy the gaming experience. The most important rules are The dice can be launched from the so-called pitcher or any player can launch itself. Strict regulations are in place with regard to the use of dice. They are subject to controls deepens before starting the game, and then during and after every 8 hours and they are replaced with other pieces.

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