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Scratch lottery always enjoyed great popularity, not only because of the opportunity to win a tidy sum, but also because of the specific process of the game. Who does not erase the protective layer with a coin cherished squares, anticipating a lot of luck and testing incomparable mixture of passion and excitement? As Soviet slot machines, many of us scratch lottery cause pleasant nostalgia. Perhaps that is why they are so quickly gained a virtual space and enjoy today no less demand than other online games for money.

Depending on your scratch card, you can play football with creepy characters from horror stories to warm the cool little animals in the Arctic ice or overtake crazy granny riding on Formula 1. You are waiting for mysterious treasures of the pharaohs, funny ducklings in the bathroom, in the hunt for a mole burrow, turtles on surfboards, flying fairies and many other interesting things.

Perhaps it is worth noting separately game Dawn of the bread because of its original plot. It will appeal to fans of black humor. It baker bakes bread with content that can permanently deprive appetite especially impressionable nature - with a cockroach, worm and mouse that will increase your win respectively 2, 5 and 10 times. And if you are "lucky" to find some bread Bitten false teeth, someone's heart or eyes, you will become the proud owner of 100, 2500 or 10000-tion increase your bet! Here is a nice scratch entertainment for horror fans!

The principle is simple lotto scratch. You select a card (bingo a handy feature preview) and "buy" it, staking. Then erase the protective covering from each square by clicking on it. You hear a distinctive sound, and the coating is gradually disappearing, as in the present erasing. All very realistic, and thrills in no way inferior real scratch lottery.

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