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Success in poker depends not only on the knowledge of the rules and the ability to apply them. Composure, precise calculation and the ability to confuse the opponent -that mandatory terms a successful game. Professionals familiar with the psychology of art and non-verbal communication. Their knowledge they are used properly at the table. Of course, skill comes with experience, but a novice player can use their advice. First you should know that all human movement can be divided into involuntary and conscious.

As becomes clear from the title, involuntary or intuitive motion control almost impossible. But it is possible to control the conscious. To read the opponent must learn to distinguish between these two types and understand the opponent acts intentionally or unintentionally. Voluntary movements - an important aspect in the analysis of the behavior of the enemy. People are so constructed that necessarily react to what is happening. Particularly difficult to control yourself when emotions overflow during successful or, on the contrary, the prevailing party fails.

Everyone tries to hide his feelings and makes it completely differently. The player's task - to learn to understand its hidden signals. Involuntary behavior can be determined opponent, listening to his breathing. Irregular, rapid and frequent issues excitement that often attends a player when it comes to good wine. But slow, weak breathing, as if the opponent is trying to delay indicates that, most likely, he is bluffing.

Man trying to cheat, tries to hold my breath so as not to give himself away. It happens at the level of reflex control this process is almost impossible. Newbies at the poker table you need to carefully watch the other players and learn to distinguish between voluntary movements of involuntary. Then the experienced player will be difficult to deceive him, and poker will give not only fun, but also decent wins.

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