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If one of the 20 numbers drawn there all or one of the numbers given by the player, then he wins on the value of the bet and the amount of numbers guessed. Otherwise, he loses. If the player has opted to play several rounds with the same card, it can start having fun again right away. Otherwise, he has to buy a new card before starting a new run. The probability that the Keno some combination of numbers so is the same in each draw, for the simple reason that there is no relationship between the numbers that have come out for a draw and those that will come out in successive since the system generates them so casual and automatic.

So, yes, winning at Keno is purely a matter of luck! There are, however, insights that have been adopted by the most expert players and that made them win, even if they have no statistical basis. First, choose a casino that offers the richest payments. As you have no influence on the circulation numbers, at least try your luck in the rooms where you can collect the most interesting posts. Try adopting the `Andrucci`, that there is some momentum for particular numbers come out more often than others during the runs. Individualize these numbers and then bet on them. Someone prefers to take the opposite approach, ie focus on the numbers that have not come out in previous editions. Obviously the principle to follow is completely opposite, but it could be effective!

A technique often provides favorable to players to build on consecutive numbers, eg 24 and 25 or 68 and 69 In this case also no statistical basis exists that can confirm the certainty of the method, but keno history shows it is particularly effective. Another technique, reminiscent of the anti-Andrucci method is one that advises to always keep the same combination of numbers. If they have not been drawn in previous runs, we hope they will be in successive ones.

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