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There is an episode called initial invitation, a minimum fixed fee, established at the beginning of the game, each player pays to be the dish of the start of the new hand. Are distributed, with rounds one at a time, 5 cards to each player, who must try to achieve a higher score at the end of the hand to the other in order to win the pot. The player whose hand is the one to the left of the dealer will be the first to have the right to open or not to open you need to have at least a score of at least a pair of Jacks. The first player who gets out of hand after the opening phase of the openings. The opening consists of a bet placed by the players in the pot to proceed to step consecutive game.

A player who has not opened for the first may also, like the others, and on his turn, raise (or increase) the amount of current opening, that way all players who wish to participate will have to put your hand to adapt the difference. In the second phase, the dealer changes the game for players who have the power to change from 0 to 4 of their cards, depending improve your score in hand, obviously in exchange for the discarded cards you receive cards. The word then it is up to the player who opened first, he will be to make the first raise, which others will have to adapt (see), in turn, raise or fold the hand. The raises have an end when all players have paid the same amount, always respecting the rounds of the game, and then I will have no further raised.

The word occurs in the course of the event that, after changing the cards, all the players have said "word", the cards are shuffled, the dish remains on the table and we will start with a new coat that will see the plate the new calls as well as the previous dish. Darkness may be performed by the player to the left of the dealer before they see their cards and consists of a figure double that of the plate. Who makes the darkness takes the right to speak last and then will hand the player to his left. After having their cards the other players can adapt to the figure of the dark or fold. When all the players have adapted to the different raises is the time to discover the cards, the first to do it is he who made ??the last raise, and so on clockwise. The winning score wins the pot.

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