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Certainly worthy of mention electro-mechanical slot machine, developed in the early 60s by Bally Manufacturing. Her slot machine "Money Honey", released in 1964, had a number of significant differences from their predecessors. First, it was packed with electronics rather than springs, and, secondly, there were lights and sound design, as well - the ability to bid various coins and a special coin hopper for the payment of prizes.

But first players to trust this traditional spinning reels slots much more than a virtual drums new game react to new technology with great skepticism. Nevertheless, the company International Game Technology (IGT) realized the potential of video slots and appreciate their benefits. In 1976, IGT acquired company-producer of the game «Fortune Coin» and used this technology to bring to market a whole new line of games.

In 1979 he invented video poker that has caused the growing popularity of video slots. Since the early eighties, manufacturers of slot machines are constantly added to their video slots various new items, which contributed to the continued growth of enthusiasm among fans of these casino games. The main trend has been the growth of networks of slot machines: Machines combining online casino got the opportunity to earn a multimillion-dollar jackpots, which are rapidly increasing in size and often played.

Last time - but not least - the stage history of slot machines - the end of 2006. , IGT conducted in several casinos in Las Vegas testing its radically new gaming machine «Guaranteed Play», created on the basis of video poker. Arcades enjoyed immense popularity, especially - in the U.S., where slot machines 25 times more than all the other tables for gambling together. However, in the domestic reality, when arcades, as such, is no more, fans of this kind of gambling is worth, obviously, to look to the virtual slot machines - Fascinating of online gambling entertainment .

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