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Unlike most of the gambling rules of slot machines are extremely simple - yet because the player on the outcome of each spin can not influence. And so all that remains is to make the player - is to select the number of paylines to bet on each of them and click "Play" to spin the virtual reels.

Mechanism, it would seem very simple, but in fact the rules of slot machines are not limited to just one touch of a button "Start". In modern slots (especially those that are presented in the major online casinos) secrets and subtleties so that, having aimed to win at slot machines, it is necessary to understand all the rules of the game. Bonus characters in gaming machines So, the first - and the newest in more than a century of slot machines - usually the availability of special characters on the reels.

They are called bonus, prize, and so on, and the purpose of such symbols is very simple: match bonus symbols in a certain combination of "opens" for the player the opportunity to play in the bonus round. Bonus game slots - not something that ordinary back. In this round the player can instantly increase your winnings several times: in two, four and so on. And it will have to perform certain actions: for example, choose a card from a closed set, which will be open over the dealer's cards. Or guess what card opens next - red or black stripes.

Apart from the usual bonus symbols that need to be on one payline, modern slot machines are even more so-called scatter symbols. They also open the bonus rounds, but are not necessarily on the same line - and may be generally anywhere on the screen gaming machine. Scatter symbols can not only open for a player bonus game, but also mean instant free bonus - for example, a number of free spins machine.

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