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Roulette is played at a table where the field is located wheel and with applied numbers. The wheel itself has a bowl shape, which is mounted on the axis. The inner part is divided into the recess in which the rotation after the ball will land. The wheel is the exact mechanism that produces only random results. Wheel weight is about forty pounds, and the diameter - about 90 centimeters. Usually, when it comes to roulette are not online, but in a real casino, it is made of precious wood.

Types of wheels for the European and American roulette differ. They are distributed in a number of ways: in American they are applied on the inner circumference of the wheel, and in European - foreign.

Moreover, the difference is that in the European wheel 37 numbers (0 to 36), and in U.S. - 38 (1 to 36, there are also "0" and "00" - zero and double zero). In the French roulette wheel, which is also common in conventional and virtual casino uses the same wheel as the European version of the game.

Field for the American and European roulette has two areas: internal and external field. Located on the inner all the numbers marked on the wheel. In it there are three columns of twelve numbers each.

External field is located on the edges of the playing field. As in the real world and in the online casino roulette involves betting on this field for specific numbers or any of their characteristics (for example - all the red numbers). Fields in the European and American roulette differ in color: the first version numbers are white, in the second, except zeros, black or red. Also on European tables have special "tracks" for oral bids.

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