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These tips for roulette game will help, especially for beginners. We certainly do not guarantee you exceptional wins, but if your defeats reduced - it will be a positive result. Recommend playing exclusively in French Roulette . It provides wheel with one recess "zero", unlike the American roulette. American roulette wheel on, except wells "0" there is one well - "00" (dablzero). Although at first glance it may seem to the player that is small change in the form of a wheel will not significantly affect the game, but it is actually exactly the opposite.

Double zero increases the advantage of gambling establishments by 2.7%. If the European version advantage determined by the size of 2.7%, the American owners will bring gaming halls 5, 4%. In the long run, this difference may significantly affect the thickness of your wallet. Also there is a kind of roulette without zero - Bull and No-Zero

If you want to play longer, increasing the chances of winning, you should avoid the wrong bets. Worse, to which a player may place - is "0, 1, 2, 3" in European roulette and "0, 00, 1, 2, 3" in American. At such rates online casino will get even more important advantage, the size of which reaches 7.89%. Easier it will be at the entrance to the gambling establishment to give all their money than to sit for hours at the table and slowly but surely dropping her savings on bad bets.

Another important rule of the game is the lack of emotion. And it's not only about their external appearance. They stir up the mind, increase adrenaline, and you will not be able to think correctly, and is likely to start doing the wrong rate, which does not bring you joy afterwards. Manage your emotions also helps the player to be always with fresh thoughts and cold calculation in the casino. This rule applies both to conventional gambling establishments, as well as to online casinos. It should be remembered that no gambling is not just a player's emotional state. Calmness and poise should underlie your mood in the game.

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