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Online casino games welcome to the section describing gambling online casinos. This column will help you understand how to play the main types of casino games. Available for each game description, rules and strategy, as well as provide additional information that will surely help you get comfortable in a variety of gaming offers the best casinos online. Our site will help you find the best online casinos for speaking players. Just go to the casino ranking our site and start playing your favorite casino games!

How to play free Slots

In 1887, in the sunny state of California a Charles Fey invented and created the world's first game slot machine: three rotating drum, which is applied to 5 figures - horseshoe, heart, spade, diamond and bell. The meaning of the game is simple - collect three bells in a row and get the maximum benefit. The way the game is even easier - pull the lever machine side and wait with bated breath when the reels stop spinning. Bid to make too easy: put it in the slot machine coin, coins or casino chips .

How to play free Video poker

Video poker has the same style of play, as well as slots . But he mainly based on five-card stud poker. In video poker, you just dealt 5 cards that you can keep or change, to collect a winning combination . There is no bluff, which often attracts a lot of players. Machines video poker are incredibly popular in the casino. Many players are hesitant to play board games and video poker does not have such psychological pressure that allows entertained for hours.

One game video poker usually are inexpensive, and it is especially attractive for players with a modest bankroll. Video poker game is simple . Arcades with him can be found in any country in large quantities and variations. Those people who are not very convenient to visit a real casino can play video poker online on your home computer in one of the best online casino .

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