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In fact, poker has a long history and is said to have left China for over a thousand years ago, when the Chinese Emperor Mu-tsung of the game vietteeksi time with his wife. At the time, even playing cards is not known, but occurred in a domino-playing with blocks. Later developed into the game of poker cards to play the game. At first it was played muummuassa 20 cards, 32 cards and is now used in 52-card deck. In 1891, in New York, the inventors Stittman and Pitt created the first video poker game similar to the game machine . Actual videos are not at that time yet, but the machine formed the poker hands at random. In addition, the automatic payment system it did not, but if someone wanted to play, he paid a system administrator (usually the owner of the bar) playing, and the administrator also paid any winnings.

The machine will also work in the same way as slot machines, it was pulled on the lever and the engine "drums" produced the poker hand in motion. The mid-1970s was seen as the industrial revolution in the history of video poker. Around the same time also the first personal computers were coming. In 1978 Draw Poker became a hit, and video poker's popularity continued to grow.

Today, video poker is for people every day betting on a global scale. The game has been a number of varitaatiota which the most popular in Finland are a wild card games eg. Joker Wild , eye poker, poker right etc. It also developed a wide distribution of vending machines where you can play with up to a hundred at a time-sharing. These casino games are very popular around the world. The threshold to play video poker is very low. Much lower than go to play poker card tables. Beginners can enjoy easy access to the game due to the ease. The easiest way is to start with the traditional five-card poker and continue on the most advanced games. The game great popularity is also due to the fact that normally the minimum bet is video poker is very low. Profits have been possible to grow larger by putting the maximum contribution to the game.

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