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If you learn blackjack just starting out, it may take a bit until you know exactly in every situation, what you should do. For example, let's assume that you hold Ace-6 while the dealer is showing a 6. What do you do? Your moves depend not only on which cards to keep, but to the same extent from the open card of the dealer.

We have prepared for you here is a table showing you the optimal strategy for all possible card combinations. Depending on which cards to hold and which holds the card dealer, you can see at a glance which is the best move. An Ace is a powerful card in blackjack. Two aces are only eleven points. Splitting aces you basically. You now have two chances of the 21. Two Make arise 16 points - that's pretty much the worst score at all - but if you split, you have two chances to 18 points, two good hands.

Although a ten is a good starting card, but two toes are 20 points, and that is just too good to split it. Two sixes are twelve points, but that's still better than two sixes. If the dealer holds an Ace, you can insure yourself against a blackjack. The dealer gets a blackjack, you get your bet back. Statistically, but not worth it to take out insurance. So you do not think long about it, just leave it, otherwise you will lose money in the long run. In order to win at blackjack, you must know your chances.

All good blackjack players try to influence the odds in their favor by making your bets and moves depends on what expectation the cards. For this they are the cards available that have already fallen. Be the crucial information. When you apply the basic, correct strategy, the house edge drops to 0.45%. This means that you will lose 45 cents on average if you use € 100. Soak but from the starting strategy, the house edge can quickly grow significantly.

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