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Internet gave a second life to such a great game like poker. Thanks to the Internet, today there is no need to leave my apartment and go to the poker club to play a game of poker with friends. Now it is possible to do sitting at home on the couch, sipping coffee and listening to your favorite music. To play online poker requires a computer with Internet access and the appropriate software. To start playing online poker, you need to download a small program and go through a simple registration procedure in one of the poker rooms you like (pokerroom), ie specialized sites providing services to organizations in the online poker games.

All this for free and not difficult. Currently, there are about eight of online poker rooms, but among them is probably not merit more than a dozen. The rest are either too small or are just clones of the famous poker rooms. The largest poker room is by far the PokerStars (Poker Stars) , where you can observe in the peak of more than 300 000 (!) online players.

Once you have downloaded and installed the software, gone through the registration, you can immediately proceed to the most important - playing online poker. But since until you have no money in the account, the only possibility for you is to sit down at a table where there is a game of poker on the "wrappers". This is the same real game against real opponents, but you risk nothing, and if you lose you still give virtual chips. This game is usually practiced by those who first sat down at a poker table and just mastering the basics of online poker or not yet made ​​a deposit into the poker room.

Reasonable solution and perhaps go through this all the newcomers. You can indefinitely continue to play on the wrappers, the more it is absolutely free, but abuse it still not worth it, because long game on "wrappers" can teach you bad habits, from which then will be difficult to get rid of. Playing online poker for unrealistic money you will often play on a "lucky / unlucky", will not fully feel the loss and celebrate victories, will not bother yourself too much mathematical estimate. In all poker rooms, of course the same, identical rules of poker.

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