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After the flop, if you choose to play on, always raises a legitimate question, what size bet should bet? Each player has their own special reasons for a decision. Professional poker player Phil Gordon, before placing a bet offers ask yourself the following questions, the answers to which will depend on the size and your bet. How strong is your hand towards your opponents? If your hand is strong enough compared to the estimated starting hands your opponents, you can put the lowest bid from the above range, ie third of the pot.

How can improve your hand? If chance to improve virtually no, Phil Gordon in this situation puts two thirds of the pot, with the aim - to take the pot immediately after the bidding. If the arm can be improved by 15-20 per cent, it will also deliver two thirds of the pot. The third question concerns the strength of your opponents hands. How likely is it that your opponent flop brought something good, whether it has a couple, or something more?

If it is unlikely that your opponent got something on the flop, and he does not have top pair, you should place a bet one third of the pot, regardless of the strength of your hand. If your opponent after the flop got exactly one pair, but you have the best hand, then why not put two-thirds of the size of the pot. If the opponent was flopped two pair, or more, but you have your reasons for anyway more, is to put in the pot-sized bet. If you have less, then the rate should not. How likely is it that your opponent has a primary "draw?"

If you believe that your opponent has, for example, a flush draw, but you have the best hand, then, most likely, is to put the rate of sweat to discourage his desire to compete on, or pull out of it as much as possible. Over time, as you develop a sense of the definition of "structure" of cards that fell on the table, and then bid based on the knowledge of the structure, you will make the appropriate size almost automatically. As a result, you will leave less time for the calculation of rates and your actions, and will remain more time on their rivals.

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