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Why beckons players online casino? Play in the casino, while staying at home? Maybe! However, many are impressed to receive bonuses in the online casino. Bonuses (bonuses) - what is it? In short, this "free" money paid by you - the casino because you play in it. This casino attracts new players to even more to fund your account. But, if a player has a certain skill or luck, he could easily improve its financial position.

There are many types of bonuses (bonuses no deposit on your first deposit: Interest and fixed, risk-free, Refer-a-Friend, monthly, for a vote on the special types of deposit), but they are all connected that are not issued for free. In order to get the money you will need to fulfill some conditions, since online casinos will not just give the money to his advantage to get active player. Always read the bonus terms, if you can not find them on your site, please consult with a question in our support, otherwise you may be disappointed!

Typically, the standard conditions for a win or a bonus force player to make bets on any amount, it is called wager (wager). Basically wager is defined as a certain amount of deposit size, bonus, or deposit plus bonus. There are no standard conditions largest wager, but also other conditions. Set the casino will not count in the value of wagering bets made in the bone, roulette, baccarat. Because in these games may do basically risk-free rate (for example, once in black and red).

Currently, the casino was set for video poker and blackjack higher wagering requirements and prohibit win back bonuses. Another condition - limit largest payoff. If you can get it to play the bonus money. Under the conditions indicated that the need to take in order to get the bonus. Some casinos charge bonus automatically when the deposit, the other automatically, too, but after some time (1-2 days). However, there is a casino, where the player sends e-mail with the request and enters the section of the bank's special code - coupon (coupon - RTG) or fill in a special form on the site (Micro).

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