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If you have a lot of money, or they do not mind you can go to the roulette and do absolutely any bets until the chips run out. There is another category of players, the so-called systems analysts. These players play roulette for any system or alternately change them. Strategy or the roulette system is a set of rules, on which the rate is determined by its size and depending on the winning number. The game system is much more efficient and allows for properly chosen system to beat the casino System is necessary especially when playing roulette for money otherwise very soon they will not be you. All players invented the roulette strategy can be divided into several categories: even odds (red-black, odd-even, etc.) and other bets on the numbers for example.

Certainly have a lot of popularity systems belonging to the first category, as the most simple, based on the probability that chance should fall evenly. With the game on such systems always occurs at a loss rate increases. Unfortunately casino quickly realized the danger of such strategies based on the Martingale system and responded by introducing table limits, which in most cases make it very difficult game for these policies. feature of this site is that we not our task to enumerate all the possible strategies, our task is to show how to play the selected strategy in roulette and most importantly - how it is justified on the game.

As a consequence, before getting to the menu on this site, the roulette system held mandatory testing for determine its effectiveness and in the relevant section from a video you can see the results. First Anniversary of Education website has been tested only on virtual money, because I figured that some policies will not pass this test even candy wrappers, but in the future in response to numerous requests and doubts about the correctness of this approach, all the strategies in order to eliminate all possible doubts tested only on real money accounts owned by me or my friends.

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