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Playing in a casino, you can rely on luck. Agree, most visitors still come here for adrenaline, emotions, for your chance to win. Roughly a rest, and there - as lucky. Over time, some of the players are beginning to ask themselves the question: is it possible to come up with something, any algorithm to start winning at roulette constantly? Let's think together. Random (is any!) Game is subject to his rule, algorithm. And if there is a rule of anything, then you can come up with and how to use it to their advantage.

In other words, you can bypass any law, especially if you are in it will be nothing. Take the example of the very roulette. There is a wheel, there is a ball, finally there is a field in which you are using pre-bought chips you bet. Second time should fall black, red because it was already - so I put in there and wait for your prize" . Familiar? But you will agree, this is stupid! Red may fall and 2 and 3 and 10 times in a row, you can pull all their capital to black in anticipation of an opposite-field! Why do it?. After payment at random never works - one win, the second - and lucky if the third?.

Look at the situation differently: you take casino rules, but they do not have their rules . That is the main reason for the poor result. You dictate how to do it, and you agree to delete in the hope that those who set the rules for you, did it in your favor! Naturally, stupidly following the rules of the game of roulette and betting mindlessly instead of wins you will lose money. You hope - and the casino knows. The casino has its own algorithm, and you do not have.

So we must think of the algorithm - the sequence of actions that you start observing the casino winning. But it is not all that easy! Roulette is arranged so that it is always impossible to win her. It was an accident: a simple random number falls. So if you are not a seer and medium - you can not guess it. And no magic rituals you do not contribute to this. So is finding algorithm operation where playing this game, you will win more often than lose.

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