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After the distribution, possible widow and scoring the winning bid is announced in accordance with the above types of bets. If you win the player wins the bet «player». Dealer takes all the other rates and pays bid «player». The same thing happens with other winning bets, the only difference is that the stakes «player» and «banker» paid at 1 to 1, and the rate «tie» is considered a rare and paid up (depending on the casino, 8 to 1 or 9 to 1). In this case the amount bid «banker» casino charges fees (about 4.5%). At first glance, it's pretty simple, but the game is no less fascinating, dynamic and even extreme, especially when you consider that the rates here are pretty high, and sit at the table will have at least a couple hundred dollars.

And yet, even if you're not a millionaire who can easily afford to lose a couple hundred dollars, you can try to play baccarat online for money at lower rates. After all, in order to make the game closer to the people, and was created mini baccarat. It can be found in online casinos even more than usual. Rules here are a little different. Table games are a little smaller and more designed for 7 players. Each player has his own gaming sector on the table with numbers from one to seven. In each sector there is a special space for the player of the same three types of bets that in the usual baccarat. In this place bets for different colors (red for rates «player», yellow for «banker» and white for «tie»). Typically, the game also uses 6 decks of 52 cards.

The cards are dealt. main difference from the classic mini baccarat, in addition to the small size of bets (there are even games with stakes $ 5), is that the card dealer always deals, rather than the players themselves. Further distribution of cards, the community cards and scoring is done on the basic rules. Most flexible mini baccarat and baccarat online classical that the player does not require any extra action - the distribution, and the ability to count cards widow executed automatically. All that remains is to make the player - your bet and wait for a good deal.

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