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Progressive jackpots attract players with its size. Each month, the lucky online casino pay hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars. Most of these prizes are accumulated in different slot machines. Although fans of video poker or blackjack, too, can become owners of a good amount.

Any visitor to the online casino would disrupt good, bold jackpot. In large institutions it happens often. Moreover, when the casinos themselves publish interviews with his players-lucky, often turns out that the jackpot came to the player literally ten minutes of the game on some popular slot machine. So in a moment quite ordinary people become millionaires, or win enough to go on holiday abroad.

Usually referred to as the largest jackpot payout, which is possible in a particular game. Jackpots are fixed, the amount of which is calculated in a certain number of tokens, of course, good. But most of all beckon players so-called "progressive jackpots". They are piling up for very long. Dimensions winnings can reach several million dollars. At one point, it all goes to some lucky.

Progressive jackpot consists of a very small proportion of the rates, which in this game have been made earlier. But given that the online casinos are constantly sitting thousands of players - jackpot grows very quickly. Once received the coveted prize, the sum is zero and accumulates again. In a large online casino a few days in different progressive jackpots games rolled over the mark of 10 000 dollars.

Hunters jackpots primarily pay attention to the large, popular online casino. There is always passion simmer rates go continuously. This means that the most reputable awards is going to popular destinations and the amount collected is even decent.

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