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In Roulette, the player must predict in which case the ball will land. However, this task is not very obvious since Roulette has between 37 and 38 numbers. There is a very important factor in this game randomly and can not really be applied strategies to win.

In Roulette, a maximum of eight players the opportunity to compete simultaneously. In reality it is not so much between them but they will fight against the house, which is proudly represented by a dealer. The role of the latter is to support Roulette as well as collect the sum of bets and distribute the amount of earnings.

It is the responsibility of the players to buy chips of different colors before the start of the game. This is much less present in online casinos since participants can compete in multi-player tables, thereby differentiate them. Chips must be returned at the end of the game session in exchange for the money collected. Each token corresponds to a specific color value.

The casino has a certain advantage in Roulette . However, it depends on the type of Roulette you prefer American or European. For European Roulette for example, when the latter has only one zero, the house edge is generally 2.7%. The casino advantage to double in the case of two zeros against. To better understand the rules of roulette we advise you to workout on a free roulette .

You should know that the more you bet on numbers, plus the potential for a win is important. However, there is only one number that is winning at the end of the game lost money generated can be significant. Bet on 36 numbers can make you win every time but you do not really make money from your investment.

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